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Warning! I live and work and maintain this webpage in China, so there can be no links here to any (even in the remotest sense) political webpages or content!!!
Also please don't link me if you have such a webpage. I am sorry for that.

Here links to birdwatching in Tibet relevant sites and some scientific articles about Tibetan birds.


For birding in Sichuan: Roland Zeidler, a German living in Chengdu/ Sichuan doing beautiful birdwatching and trecking tours especially into the Tibetan areas of Sichuan


Windhorse travel: a Tibetan private travel agency in Lhasa, guides, drivers and partners are Tibetans, NOT government and NOT Chinese! They usually only take requests from bigger agencies, but I can arrange a bird watching tour as well





Highland Trecking Initiatives: A Lhasa based Eco-tourism Company specializing in High Altitude Trekking.



My own blog: tibetbirds.blogspot.com

sometimes I will have some more pictures or stories here.



MushRoaming: Daniel Winkler's Webpages Dedicated to Mushrooms and Nature Tours






daniel winkler


For pictures of Asian birds




xeno-canto: a community database of shared bird sounds from the whole world



AVoCet (Avian Vocalizations Center) provides a global database of well-documented, downloadable bird sounds



Avibase - Bird Checklists of the World




An English-Chinese online Dictionary ... there may be many but this one found ALL the Latin bird names and gave me the corresponding Chinese name.



Chinese language encyclopedia with all/ most of the birds. It only works with entering the Chinese bird names.



Group Names for Birds: A Partial List



Nesting records of 20 bird species in Lhasa region, Tibet

Article in Chinese Birds 2010, 1(3):167–174

(a PDF file will open here!)



An annotated list of birds wintering in the Lhasa
river watershed and Yamzho Yumco, Tibet
Autonomous Region, China

Article in FORKTAIL 23 (2007): 1–11

(a PDF file will open here!)


www.orientalbirdclub.org/Birds wintering in Lhasa, Tibet


Tickell's Thrush Turdus unicolor at Zhangmu,
Tibet Autonomous Region: a new record for China

Short note in Forktail 24 (2008): 133, 134

(a PDF file will open here!)



Ground-dwelling birds near the Qinghai-Tibet highway and railway

Article in Press: Transportation Research Part D xxx (2010) xxx–xxx

(a PDF file will open here!)



Reproductive Ecology of Three Tibetan Waterbird Species, with Special
Reference to Life-History Alterations along Elevational Gradients

Article in: Zoological Studies 50(2): 192-202 (2011)

(a PDF file will open here!)



Important Bird Areas in Tibet Autonomous Region

(a PDF file will open here!)



Breeding ecology of ground tits in northeastern Tibetan plateau,
with special reference to cooperative breeding system

(a PDF file will open here!)



Habitat use of Tibetan Eared Pheasant
Crossoptilon harmani
flocks in the non-breeding season

Article in: Ibis (2002), 144, 17–22

(a PDF file will open here!)



Very nice article: it is about Pikas (German: Pfeifhasen) but relevant for birdwatchers because many birds live in the holes of Pikas!

The plateau pika (Ochotona curzoniae) is a keystone species for
biodiversity on the Tibetan plateau

Article in: Animal Conservation (1999) 2, 235–240

(a PDF file will open here!)



More about Pikas and birds:

Keystone status of plateau pikas (Ochotona
curzoniae): effect of control on biodiversity of native

Article in: Biodiversity and Conservation 12: 1901–1912, 2003

(a PDF file will open here!)



Roosting Behavior and Roost Selection by Buff-throated Partridges
Tetraophasis szechenyii during the Breeding Season

Article in: Zoological Studies 49(4): 461-469 (2010)

(a PDF file will open here!)



Reproductive ecology of Tibetan Eared Pheasant
Crossoptilon harmani
in scrub environment, with
special reference to the effect of food

Article in: Ibis (2003), 145, 657–666

(a PDF file will open here!)



I warn you, it gets quite scientific here ...!!!

Postglacial colonization of the Tibetan plateau inferred from
the matrilineal genetic structure of the endemic red-necked
snow finch, Pyrgilauda ruficollis

Article in: Molecular Ecology (2005)
14, 1767–1781

(a PDF file will open here!)


the link got removed ... sorry


Dominance-dependent microroost use in flock-living
Tibetan Eared-pheasants

ARDEA 95(2), 2007, 225-234

(a PDF file will open here!)



Foraging habitats and utilization distributions
of Black-necked Cranes wintering at the Napahai
Wetland, China

Article in: Journal of Field Ornithology 81(1):21–30, 2010

(a PDF file will open here!)


article got removed ... sorry



Article in: Ardeola 56(2), 2009, 173-187

(a PDF file will open here!)